Business Coaching & Career Coaching

  • Does your business feel like an uphill battle?
  • Do your work habits stifle your success?
  • Wanting more balance between your business and your life?
  • Where can your company improve? Clear Vision, Cash Flow, Marketing, Sales?
  • Having difficulties discovering exactly what you would like to do?
  • Feeling the urge to change careers but feeling pulled in different directions?
  • Want to find a career that feels satisfying and makes plenty of money?

Chris offers business coaching and career coaching for individuals, groups, organizations and corporations.

Content: Your business/career coaching consists of an initial meeting, 3 telecoaching sessions per month, unlimited emails between sessions, unlimited Express calls (10 minute calls) for checking in or support, on-going access to business and personal resources, and homework. Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and the pace of facilitation is based on your comfort and ability.

Rates: Individual rates are $375/ month for a minimum of 3 months, thereafter coaching may continue on a monthly basis. Corporate rates vary depending on conditions. Call Authentic Response for pricing and availability.

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"More Profit, Less Struggle" Business Coaching Program

In addition to individual business and career coaching, Authentic Response offers the "More Profit, Less Struggle" business coaching program, created to facilitate you in successive levels, each lasting for 3 month segments, consisting of group teleclasses and individual coaching.

Why are you working so hard when you don't have to?

Stop the "roller coaster" effect of inconsistent cash flow and profits by joining Business Balance Gym's More Profit, Less Struggle approach - a 10 step success program for business leaders.

The More Profit, Less Struggle coaching and learning program minimizes this effect by sharpening your focus on what matters most to you as a business leader. More Profit, Less Struggle is based on the core principles of our Business Success Model, a 4-part cycle consisting of essential to ensure your success. The program evokes commitment, deliberate action, and measurable results while integrating the 10 Success steps within our proven business model.

MPLS Business Success Model
  • Vision
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Celebration/Evaluation

More Profit, Less Struggle - The 10 Success Steps
The topics that will be discussed during our 1st level of group learning calls are:

  • Vision - Create a clear vision. Define and commit to what you want for your life and business.
  • Sabbotage - Identify your unique gifts and self-sabbotaging habits.
  • Creating a program - Create a program that sells and supports your vision.
  • Finance - Master your finances.
  • Delegation - Release what you don't want to do and gain more support by delegating.
  • Marketing - Create a "Marketing Magnet", strategies that attract clients.
  • Networking - Network with less effort and create stronger relationships.
  • Sales - Create relationship sales that yield more profits and better networking opportunities.
  • Balance - Balance your business and life by discovering your unique blend of work, rest and play. Understand how to respond from your values by living inside-out and becoming self-validating.
  • Celebrate and Evaluate - Learn how to effectively evaluate your business and bring more celebration and gratitude into your life.
Business Balance Gym
Unique Membership Approach

Our unique coaching program includes both group learning teleclasses and individual, just-in-time coaching. Just like visiting your fitness center or gym, you may call your coach anytime during open coaching hours to receive unlimited personalized coaching from Professional Coaches Chris Sadhuta Liaguno and Deirdre Dalton-Brodeur throughout the duration of your membership. When you enroll, you receive a membership package that provides you with detailed information on how you can maximize the value of your membership.

About Your Coaches

Chris Sadhuta Liaguno - Life and Business Coach who integrates coaching strategies with somatic wisdom to help you create direct, measurable results and profits. His clients have included corporations, non-profits, universities, high schools and individuals from Europe, Asia and North America. Chris integrates his award-winning Toastmaster's International skills (CTM) with 17 years of corporate experience in marketing, training, and publishing, to foster your unique success.

Deirdre Dalton-Brodeur - Business and Career Coach who has 15 years of corporate marketing experience. Her clients include high-tech corporations, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. She has traveled to 35 countries and combines her eclectic experiences along with her business savvy for creative, purposeful, and positive results.

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For more information and registration: Please Contact Chris