Authentic Response™ - Integrative Transformation Coaching

The most important thing that you own is your response. Your response literally creates your life. Realizing this, the events of your life become meaningless except as an opportunity to respond with greater levels of love and awareness. Your response creates an outcome which creates your circumstances. If you want an effortless, authentic life, the easiest path is to respond instead of react.

The Authentic Response™ program maximizes your ability to manifest the life you want by using your body/mind awareness as a tool to increase resources, release conflict, and evoke a conscious response, not a habitual reaction.

By using Authentic Response™ tools and resources, you can create a unique, authentic life - completely responding from a grounded, resourced, non-judging, witness perspective. You can learn how to live from the "inside-out", consciously creating your life, business and relationships - instead of unconsciously reacting and repeating patterns. An unconscious reaction contains conflict and fear. Conflict held long enough can turn into disease, which leads to aging and death. Besides impacting our health and manifesting abilities, our own internal conflict is the main element which holds us back from enlightenment.

With you as our client, we focus on how to live an authentic, effortless life from every angle. Some steps can include: creating an attainable vision of your life with specific goals, releasing any internal conflict (i.e. anger, resentment, guilt) which holds us back from manifesting exactly what we want, learning how to listen to yourself, tapping into your body, emotions and intuition to become more internally-validating, creating support through relationship & family dynamics, and integrating practical spiritual understanding into daily life.

Your authentic response helps you become more relaxed by tapping into your own wisdom, which leads to more internal validation, instead of looking outside of yourself for approval, acceptance and love. Internal validation or self-validation is one of the signs of being on a spiritual path. When we honor ourselves by living fully in our bodies with gratitude and awareness, and by responding authentically in every moment, then we create a balanced, abundant, healthy life, which leads to even greater cycles of satisfaction, deeper connection and self-realization.

Does your vision of a successful, abundant, and harmonious life match your reality? Where could you use support to take practical steps in living an effortless, authentic life today?

  • Unhappy with your current life or relationships?
  • Want a fulfilling life and relationships that create more energy and passion?
  • Have everything in life and still feel that something is missing?
  • Want a better relationship but don’t know how to begin?
  • Never have enough time for what you love in life because you are too busy meeting deadlines?
  • Want to attract a constant stream of clients without struggling through your life?
  • Frustrated by rejection from potential prospects?
  • Want to manifest your heart’s desire by using the proven technique of merging dualities – masculine/feminine, Mastery/Mystery?

As your coach I will discover what is essential in your life and relationships and then inspire you to take action. In weekly telephone sessions I will encourage and motivate you towards success as you gain an even clearer picture of your balanced life through your actions.

With an Authentic Response Coach you can:

  • Recognize life repressors like fear, doubt, self-criticism, procrastination, disorganization, lack of focus and overwhelm.
  • Increase self-confidence by becoming internally-validating, and improve relationships with stronger understanding and clearer communication.
  • Develop stronger self-harmony by releasing conflict and clarifying your actions.
  • Clear blocks and take action from your core – create a vision, set goals, implement life and business strategies, generate referrals, attract new business.
  • Balance time and create more space in your life to enjoy your career, have a life, and celebrate your success.
  • Discover what is not working and turn these obstacles into creative solutions.
  • Convert prospects into clients.
  • Create a practical, spiritual lifestyle - Integrate the passion and celebration of life, with the awareness and compassion of a mystic.
  • Master your life by realizing your dreams!
Content: Your coaching consists of an initial meeting, 3 coaching sessions per month, unlimited emails between sessions, unlimited Express calls (10 minute calls) for checking in or support, on-going access to business and personal resources, and homework. Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and the pace of facilitation is based on your comfort and ability.

Rates: Individual rates are $375/ month for a minimum of 3 months, thereafter coaching may continue on a monthly basis.

For more information and registration: Please Contact Chris