Recommended Links

Teachers, Healers, Service

Gary Bonnell - Akashic Records, Prophecy, Manifesting
Gary is an amazing, practical mystic with a great sense of humor. He offers individual sessions, workshops, trainings, books and tapes, travel adventures, and a web community of fellow seekers.

Carla Salinas - Circle of Hearts, Cancer support, Healings, Intuition
Carla is a cancer survivor and has created a non-profit called "Circle of Hearts" to help others with cancer. Her life story and recovery are incredibly inspiring. For her private practice she also offers cancer coaching, diet and nutritional information, long-distance healings, cranio-sacral bodywork and intuitive work.

Todd Roseman - Web Design, Photography, Online Marketing, eNewsletters
Todd is a rare blend of intelligence, sincerity and compassion. He throws himself into his professional endeavors with spirit, passion and a high degree of expertise. I highly recommend him.



Osho Resort - Meditation, Practical Spirituality, Education, Community
The mystic Osho has helped transform thousands of lives across the globe including mine. Nostradamus thought that Osho was a significant World Teacher for the 20th century - enough to mention him in a series of his quatrains. The Osho Resort offers meditations, classes, workshops, products, trainings, services - as well connections to its global community. The Osho Resort is the second most visited place in India.

Osho Meditation Center - (Boulder, Colorado) Offers Osho Meditations, and various spiritual and healing classes, workshops, music, celebrations.

USABP - United States Association for Body Psychotherapy
Offers information, newsletters, membership, trainings and links to body psychotherapists in the United States.

EABP - European Association for Body Psychotherapy
Offers information, newsletters, membership, trainings and links to body psychotherapists in Europe.

Denver Spiritual Community - Directory of Spiritual and Holistic Resources
This directory includes a listing of Special Events, Holistic Healing, Alternative Healing, Workshops and Classes, Spiritual Teachings, Radio and TV Programs, Metaphysical Stores and Institutions, Retreats, Book Reviews, Spiritual Message Forums, and more - all in the Denver/Boulder area. An amazing resource for spiritual and healing services. Harold is the webmaster and he loves his work.

Spiritual Events Calendar - Denver/Boulder Colorado calendar for upcoming spiritual and healing classes, workshops, trainings, music, conferences, events.

Boulder Healing Arts Association - A directory of Boulder, Colorado area healers, speakers, teachers. Offers a membership, newsletter, directory, networking, and education in holistic healthcare.