How does osteopractic work?
 Every year, there are more and more supporters of alternative medicine. And this is due to the fact that non-traditional methods of treatment allow not only to eliminate the symptoms…

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Acupuncture Effectively Fights Pregnant Morning Nausea
The study involved 600 women whose gestational age did not exceed 14 weeks. Even one session was enough for some of them to reduce toxicosis attacks significantly. The study was…

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Water: what to drink, in what volumes and how much fluid does a child need?
Many people know that drinking water is good and necessary for health. But not everyone observes the drinking regime, sometimes simply because they don’t know how much and what kind…

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We prepare an antibiotic from natural products from any infections and viruses

The tool, which we will tell about, back in the Middle Ages was used to fight infections and epidemics. It does not destroy good bacteria, improves the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and eliminates parasites and candidiasis.

But, the main advantage is that a natural antibiotic can be made independently at home from natural and fresh ingredients.

You will need:

– 0.7 l of apple cider vinegar;

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10 top natural antibiotics

These natural products have powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are able to protect people from harmful bacteria.

Garlic fights staphylococcus
Horseradish boosts immunity
Vitamin C Rich Fruits and Vegetables
Honey is a natural antibiotic
Cinnamon – A Natural Antioxidant
Ginger Helps the Immune System Fight Infections
Eucalyptus as a local antibiotic
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Medical astrological horoscope (p2)
Virgo - reasonable starvation, bowel cleansing is recommended. Follow the principles of dietetics (which teaches calories to add calories) is better than overeating at night. In general, these patients are…


Folk recipes for colds that can harm
Vodka with pepper Almost every one of us was advised to drink some vodka with pepper if he was cold, wet his feet or you feel that you are about…


Longevity system reserve training
Train your reserves and live at least 200 years or longevity like ... sports Valery Dorofeev Modern man lives on average 60 - 80 years. It seems that he has…


Acupuncture Will Help Stop Smoking
Acupuncture helps smokers get rid of their bad habits. Norwegian researchers found that the introduction of needles at certain points on the body leads to a decrease in the number…