Source Manifesting & Healing

Would you like to manifest and heal more quickly in the real world? Are you already having a successful life and want to move into an even greater experience of wealth and vitality? Discover what is keeping you from attaining what you desire in health and abundance right now. What are some of the reasons you might not be manifesting what you want exactly when you want it?

  • Lack of clarity on what you want
  • Internal conflict
  • Limitations on emotional energy - not being able to feel emotions
  • Not unifying your thoughts with your feelings
  • Limiting core beliefs: Feelings of not deserving, not being good enough

Discover how you can release conflict more quickly, create a vision for your life, live more effortlessly, and manifest exactly what you want. Learn how to consciously invoke spiritual help that allows you to manifest and heal quicker than ever before. Learn how to unify your emotions, thoughts, 5 Senses, Inner Body Perception and movements to create internal harmony which then projects outwards in your work and relationships.

Sessions can be live or via phone.

Cash, check or credit card through Paypal.

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Source Manifesting & Healing session.