Herbs and Yoga

Color therapy: how to give cheerfulness to the soul and body?
 We turn purple with anger, experience "green" melancholy, or look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Each color radiates its own energy and directly affects our mental, mental and physical…

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First aid rules that we all do wrong!
Knowing the rules of first aid is an important life skill. However, some assistance tips, if done incorrectly, can, on the contrary, worsen the condition of the victim. So, let's…

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Maggots are recognized as official medicine
Maggots, the larvae of flies that feed on commonly rotting corpses, will soon be widely used by UK hospitals to treat wounds. There are good reasons for this. It turned…

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Oats are not only good for horses!

Food is the cure. To this statement of Hippocrates, oats are the best answer. This plain-looking herb is one of the most valuable medicinal plants used at any stage of its development.

From greenery – from young shoots to heading, tinctures are used that are used for nervous exhaustion, overwork, asthenia, a drop in immunity, and sexual impotence.

Healing baths are prepared from straw, roots and husks, used in various skin and joint diseases.

A bath with oat straw will quickly and reliably cure a cold that begins.

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Parsley expelling ailment from the body

How often do we think that the sources of health, if desired, can be grown with our own hands, or purchased for very symbolic amounts at the nearest market?

Take, for example, ordinary parsley – the very one that many in large quantities crumble into salads and add to various dishes in order to give them a special, unique flavor.

Probably few people know that 100 grams of this plant, which we do not hesitate to call “greens”, contains two daily allowances of vitamin C. In addition, parsley contains such important elements for our body as carotene, vitamins B2, B1, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, potassium magnesium, iron, a variety of enzymes and inulin. Continue reading

Spices instead of drugs

Patax Indian Foods, an Indian curry maker, has launched a seasoning encyclopedia that uncovers the secret forces of Indian cuisine. Many spices used by Indian chefs have long been famous for their healing properties that can, for example, kill various infections in the human body, etc.

In November last year, scientists at the University of California discovered that turmeric can significantly stop the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This seasoning, which can be found in most Indian dishes, prevents the formation of nodules in the vessels of the brain caused by this disease. From the point of view of researchers, this is probably the answer to the question why Alzheimer’s is much less common in the East than in the West. This seasoning has many more useful properties. Continue reading

Maggots are recognized as official medicine

Maggots, the larvae of flies that feed on commonly rotting corpses, will soon be widely used by UK hospitals to treat wounds. There are good reasons for this. It turned out that today maggots are the most effective treatment for wounds infected with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus, which poses a serious threat to the lives of patients.

The antibiotic methicillin, like many others, has already lost its former power in the fight against infections, since over the decades of active use of these drugs, bacteria have managed to adapt well to them. Continue reading

Longevity system reserve training (p2)

Exercise 4 – Information Starvation

With regard to information, nature provided for natural periodic informational starvation in the form of n and a. During sleep, the flow of information from the outside is maximally limited: we do not see, do not hear, do not smell or touch the skin, taste buds relax. This is not about superficial, but about deep, full sleep. Conditions for him are a darkened room with good ventilation and sound insulation, a comfortable temperature and humidity, a comfortable bed. A sign of normal sleep is well-being and mood after waking up. Continue reading

Seven natural antibiotics for all occasions
According to statistics, 1 out of 10 people have side effects from taking medications (in particular, antibiotics), which harm the digestive system. And 1 out of 15 people is allergic…


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Acupuncture Effectively Fights Pregnant Morning Nausea
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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes
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