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I changed my fate and the fate of many people

Here is a unique Book of Codes – Codes of Happiness, a change in fate that allows you to start life from scratch. Many books have been written about karma, its diagnosis, and methods for improving it. But no one has yet given the quick codes of purification of karma. We are looking for healers, doctors, psychologists to help us understand our situations, illnesses, misfortunes, but forget the simple truth.

I changed my fate and the fate of many people
Psychologist, help yourself first! Doctor, heal yourself! Mage, take off your spoilage, or at least the evil eye! Baker, eat your bread! Shoemaker, wear your boots! Tailor, wear your costumes!

Approximately this can be said of any specialist who seeks to convince us that he and only he knows his work better than others.

“Who are you, why did you decide to teach me how to live?” – the corrosive reader will say.

“Are you happy?” – the other will say.

“All these grandmother tales we have already heard.” – the third will say.

“Everything is from God! You cannot change anything!” – the believer will say ..

“Christ endured and commanded us!” the Baptist will say.

Many clever words can be invented in order to ignore the opportunity to change in my fate what does not suit me, brings misery and grief, makes me sick or imprisoned, or even ends up on death row.

I can say that, in the course of fulfilling the duties of my previous work, I was confronted with criminals of various categories, and all of them, in general, are decent people, but the circumstances made them cross the law.

I had a chance to communicate with alcoholics and drug addicts – the bulk of these people are very smart and talented, but due to some circumstances that are higher than them, they went into an illusory world, and many died from overdoses and diseases.

I happened to lose the dearest and closest people only because at that time, with all my knowledge of psychology, I did not know the mechanism of the formation of events. Then I thought so: “Christ endured and ordered us!”

I had a clinical death.

And only then I asked myself the question: “What is the mechanism for shaping my destiny, can I study it?” Is it possible, having studied the mechanism of the formation of events, to avoid many of them?

I admit, it was very difficult to overcome Christian-communist stereotypes of thinking, but intuition suggested that the answer was somewhere nearby. The erroneous idea of ​​the soul, as a function of the brain, greatly interfered.

I had to re-read a lot of different literature on psychology, psychiatry, isoterics, bioenergy, study various religious concepts, before I could understand that the soul is not a function of the brain, but an energy-information-regulatory structure, which means how the energy structure obeys energy laws, not only that , it can be influenced by the energy of thoughts, passions and experiences as the person himself. and the people around him. In fact, the soul is programmed by a person, parents, relatives, wives (husbands), friends, politicians, teachers, the media, etc., in other words, everyone is not lazy. After which the soul gives administrative commands to energy-informational structures (egregors) to form events around us and commands to the body to develop and restore.

If the soul is programmed, then there must be a mechanism for reprogramming or erasing erroneous or other people’s programs that form events or diseases.

From morning to night, representatives of all religious communities and movements insist on cleansing the soul from morning to night. Orthodox and Catholics purify their souls in confession, but despite this suffering and misery persecute them daily. Show me at least one religious community whose representatives, whether simple parishioners or worshipers, do not commit crimes, do not sit in prisons, do not die, blinded by passions and internal contradictions. Not because they are bad or worse offenders, but because the soul received erroneous programs and, in accordance with them, gave orders for the formation of certain events and diseases.

I tried most of the prayers of various religious directions, the result is the same as everyone else – nothing changes, but on the contrary, even worse – the troubles increase, the disease progresses. Three months spent in one of the most prestigious clinics in Azerbaijan led to the fact that the humerus of the right hand, affected by osteomyelitis, rotted and broke, there was blood poisoning (sepsis), the temperature for forty, I went to the next world, it saved only that close at two o’clock in the morning, the man decided to come to the clinic, bribe the watchman, get into the ward and be surprised to find that there was no pulse. I was saved by caring doctors. There was a question about amputation, despite the fact that the best specialists of the clinic performed the treatment and no one spared money on medicines. Neither the most modern medicines nor the best ones helped, I will say without a twinge of conscience, masters of their craft.

So, having read several seemingly little meaningful combination of words several times, I was able to stop the disease and earn some money for an elementary existence.

I never took medicine, the prescriptions written in the clinic remained a reminder that you should not treat the body without touching the soul. If only occasionally a few tablets of cheap tetracycline and daily with hydrogen peroxide washed the hole through which sequestration continued to exit.

Forty-five days later, much to the surprise of the clinic’s doctors, the X-ray showed that the bone had grown together. And I took off the cast. A few months later, purulent discharge ceased, the wound healed, the hand recovered.

Then I started by the principle of the first codes to create codes for closing programs depending on basic human values, which allowed me to end the disease and get on my feet, friends and strangers began to turn to me for help. Having changed my fate, the codes began to change the fate of others.

There are thousands of examples of changing fate.

In 2000, saw the light of ““ BOOK OF CODES of purification of karma. ”This is what the parapsychologist, healer, wonderful person, my student Nurida Mammadova writes in the introduction

Here is a unique Book of Codes – Codes of Happiness, a change in fate that allows you to start life from scratch. Many books have been written about karma, its diagnosis, and methods for improving it. But no one has yet given the quick codes of purification of karma. We are looking for healers, doctors, psychologists to help us understand our situations, illnesses, misfortunes, but forget the simple truth. In order for someone to come to our aid, we must first of all want to help ourselves. You will say that you naturally want. But we do not always understand that for this we need to seriously work on ourselves, showing will and strength. After all, man creates himself, he himself is the smith of his own happiness.

The uniqueness of the method of I. D. Vasilyuk is that these Codes help all people, without exception, despite their religion and even disbelief, their education, the level of filling of their “karmic vessel”, etc.

For an example of the action of the Codes, I want to tell you my story.

… I had a very happy childhood. Grew in an aristocratic family. God gave loving parents. Received a brilliant education. She worked at a prestigious job. Everything seemed to be fine, but fate decreed in its own way. At first I lost my job, then my material assets, then the lock went tougher: mutual understanding with children disappeared, the family was on the verge of a divorce.
I understood that something had to be changed, undertaken. But what? Everything left me: happiness, joy, relatives, friends. But I still have the most important thing – faith in God! I began to pray and ask God to guide me on the true path. And God heard me. He directed me to study parapsychology with Ivan Dmitrievich Vasilyuk. Having received the codes of purification of karma from his hands and having fulfilled all his recommendations, I closed the negative programs that I have. The result of applying the Codes was that I regained myself and everything that I lost. The old man died and a new happy woman was born. Subsequently, I became a parapsychologist-healer. Now I also treat people using Codes. The results are amazing. I will give only two examples from my practice.

1. … Patient Olga 58 years old, for 5 years suffered from a mental disorder. Suicide attempts. The diagnosis is schizophrenia. After 12 sessions, he feels great, the “voices” have disappeared, he is efficient, enjoys life, and faith in the future has appeared.

2. … Lala, a child aged 1 year. The body temperature was constantly falling. By the time of treatment, the child had a temperature of 34 degrees, resuscitation was powerless to help. Giving mother codes and explaining how to close programs, at the same time she worked with her child on biofield correction. After half an hour, her body temperature returned to normal and the girl was saved.

There are many such examples. With full responsibility, I advise ordinary people and healing specialists to use Codes to cleanse both their karma and the karma of patients. When used correctly, you will quickly experience real results that will change your life. You will be able to enjoy life again, even diseases considered to be incurable will disappear, you will be able to live in harmony with yourself and with the whole world. You will understand that there is no need to change the world, just change yourself. And everything around will change.

I wish you happiness! Love

I changed my fate and the fate of many people
Here is a unique Book of Codes - Codes of Happiness, a change in fate that allows you to start life from scratch. Many books have been written about karma,…


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