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Why do not all popular methods of treatment work? The answer of the anesthetist

During the period of seasonal diseases, acute respiratory viral infections and with “popular” childhood illnesses, more than half of Ukrainians prefer not to go to medical facilities for help, but resort to alternative methods.

But is self-medication always “working” and why some of the “proven over the centuries” procedures are useless? These and other questions are answered by the anesthesiologist.

Onion juice with a cold

If you drip onion juice into your nose with a runny nose or breathe over garlic – a useless treatment. Onions irritate the mucous membranes, can cause heartburn or stomach discomfort. Such inhalation methods can cause burns to the mucosa, which will only increase discharge.

Warm your nose with a hot egg

Two hot eggs, which are applied to the wings of the nose, can cause vasodilation and increase blood flow – but a runny nose will not go away from this.

Breathe over potato fumes

Hot potato steam can burn the nasal mucosa, but harmful bacteria will not be destructively affected.

It is much more efficient to ventilate the apartment.

Mustard plasters

With a cold, some pour mustard in socks or “mold” mustard plasters – this irritates the skin and increases blood flow.

“This is punitive medicine,” the doctor adds.
At elevated body temperature, rub your feet with alcohol or drink 50 grams of vodka with pepper

Legs rubbed with alcohol do less harm than mustard. Moreover, a small amount of alcohol evaporates quickly, taking part of the heat, so that the body cools faster.

Alcohol in small quantities dilates blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. Pepper does not give any positive points with a cold.

Boiled milk with beer for sore throat

Milk, warm or boiled, has a positive effect on the throat with pharyngitis. Warm beer does not give any positive effect: alcohol disappears when heated, and the remaining beer carbohydrates do not give anything.

Raw potatoes and vinegar solution help with heat

Potatoes, sliced ​​in rings, and soaked in water with vinegar, are applied to the forehead, securing with a cloth. Potatoes will not help, and vinegar is quickly eroded and takes away heat.

Therefore, if you want to lower the temperature, you can use a weak solution of water with vinegar for grinding.


Urine is water with toxins, so no manipulation of it will help. To rinse, it is much better to use saline or soda solution – but, in a small concentration, so as not to burn the mucous membrane.

Such a rinse will help only with pharyngitis, it will not save from sore throat.

For constipation in children, use soap

The Ph level in the soap may not coincide with the mucous membrane, which can lead to chemical irritation and help with constipation.

But the soap should not be “shoved” too far into the rectum, because it is not clear what level of acidity it contains. It is much safer to use petroleum jelly or use a water enema.

Kerosene will save from lice, dust

Yes, it helps, but kerosene or dust is too toxic, so it can cause a thermal burn.

When kerosene is applied to the skin and wound, harmful substances will enter the blood through the skin.

Today, the pharmacy has a ton of plant-based products that save you from parasites and does much less harm.

For abdominal pain, rinse with water

When your stomach hurts, you need to drink several liters of water or a solution of manganese. In fact, with a stomach ulcer – such washing can do a lot of harm.

At the wrong temperature, the water begins to absorb, which can lead to heart overload and pulmonary edema.

Therefore, if you have serious pains, it is better to consult a doctor so as not to harm self-medication and cause complications.

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