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Acupressure as a way to treat and strengthen immunity

During the off-season, immunity drops significantly. To protect yourself from infection with SARS, the flu or other infectious diseases – as a prophylaxis, acupressure can be done.

Massage will allow you to immediately click on the 9 magic points of the human body, which are biologically actively associated with health. Exposure to miracle points will improve the functioning of immune cells, which will help to quickly get rid of a cold or simply protect yourself from viruses.

For prevention, it is advisable to do massage in the morning and in the evening, and for treatment purposes it is worth repeating every three hours for 10-12 days.

So, before the massage, thoroughly wash your hands and three palms against each other – they should be warm. On the fingertips we apply the essential oil: needles, eucalyptus, lemon or a banal “star”. We will massage with your index fingers for 30 seconds each point, without taking them from the body.
We put the finger on the magic point and slightly press, screwing the pads into the skin 15 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

1 point – on the sternum, you can walk along its line from top to bottom. This area will reduce coughing and improve bleeding;

2 point – the fossa on the neck between the collarbones, here you need to massage gently. Massage will increase the body’s resistance to infections;

3 point – in the middle of the neck from two sides of the center line we massage with gentle movements from the bottom up. These points will improve the protection of the pharynx and larynx, reduce sore throat and help eliminate inflammation;

4 point – the bone behind the earlobe (mastoid process) will help improve blood circulation in the head and neck;

5 point – massage of the 7th cervical vertebra activate the spinal cord;

6 point – the effect of two points near the sinuses will help to improve the sense of smell, reduce swelling of the mucosa and will be the prevention of nosebleeds;

7 point – stimulating the point between the eyebrows will reduce nasal congestion, relieve headaches and improve overall well-being;

8 point – near the auricle will improve the functioning of the hearing organs;

9 point – soft tissue between the thumb and forefinger. It normalizes body functions, as the hands are interconnected with certain areas of the cerebral cortex and the spinal cord.

Important: do not massage near boils, warts or moles. ”

But, do not forget, acupressure is one of the measures to strengthen the immune system, and not a panacea for all diseases! Eat right, sleep well and exercise – then illness will definitely bypass you.

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