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Oats are not only good for horses!

Food is the cure. To this statement of Hippocrates, oats are the best answer. This plain-looking herb is one of the most valuable medicinal plants used at any stage of its development.

From greenery – from young shoots to heading, tinctures are used that are used for nervous exhaustion, overwork, asthenia, a drop in immunity, and sexual impotence.

Healing baths are prepared from straw, roots and husks, used in various skin and joint diseases.

A bath with oat straw will quickly and reliably cure a cold that begins.

A decoction of straw is also beneficial for patients with diabetes, reducing blood sugar.

But of course, the most valuable part is the grain. It contains up to 18% protein, 60% carbohydrates and about 5% fat.

In Russia, entire villages during the years of the terrible famine survived only because oats were the basis of their diet.

The main dishes of the formidable Russian soldiers were oatmeal and porridge.

But not only the optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, nature has endowed oats. This is also an excellent trace element composition, vitamins E, A, K, group B, delicate fiber that gently regulates the activity of the intestine.

And most importantly, enzymes found in grain, which the Russian physiologist Pavlov called “the true motivators of life.”

Regular consumption of oat products in food regulates stool, normalizes microflora, and cleanses the intestines. The action of the liver is normalized. The hormone thyreostatin favorably affects the thyroid gland. An enzyme has been found in oats that facilitates the digestion of fats and an enzyme that improves the absorption of carbohydrates.

In the end, like all cereals, oats are easy to prepare, go well in taste and sweet, salty, spicy and neutral.

Thus, we can say that the regular use of oat dishes:

– has a restorative, tonic, hematopoietic, appetite stimulating effect;
– improves and renews the blood composition, prevents the formation of blood clots (with coronary heart disease, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, after various operations);
– increases the number of leukocytes;
– normalizes metabolism;
– increases the body’s immunity;
– has an antisclerotic effect;
– enhances peristalsis and normalizes stool;
– increases the protective functions of the body, the ability to cleanse oneself;
– inhibits degenerative changes in the body (senile wilting);
– normalizes fat metabolism, contributing to the normalization of body weight.

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