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We will be updating this page with recommended reading, movies and resources that we find of value.


Always - (1989) Richard Dreyfus, Holly Hunter, John Goodman. A funny and serious glimpse at our spirit guides, how they help us, and what happens in-between reincarnating.

A Man Facing Southeast - (70's or 80's) Brazilian. The original movie that the more recent movie KPAX was based on. Is the main character an alien or just crazy?

Amelie - (2001) Audrey Tatou. A quirky, young woman in Paris helps her father, strangers, neighbors and work acquaintances resolve conflict and realize their dreams - which leads to fulfilling her own desires. Creative, funny, original. French with English subtitles.

American Beauty - (1990's) Kevin Spacey. How authentic are we? This movie illustrates people's sometimes bumpy journey towards being real.

Baraka - (1990's) Various scenes from all over the world depicting ordinary life, spiritual rituals, nature and more. Very meditative experience - and the soundtrack is mesmorizing. No words - just scenes with music that take you on an unbelievable journey.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - (1977) Richard Dreyfus. Mashed potatoes will never look the same again. Classic Steven Spielberg and John Williams.

Defending Your Life - (1989) Fairly slow pace by today's standards but a humorous look at life between lifetimes, including the Past Lives' Pavillion with Shirley MacLaine.

Dune - (1984) David Lynch film based on Frank Herbert's novel. The books are actually better than the movie. The power of the spoken word.

E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial - (1982) Drew Barrymore. The heart-warming, Disney-esque version of extra-terrestrials that helped the sales of Reese's Pieces skyrocket.

Field of Dreams - (1985) Kevin Costner. What happens when you listen to the "still, small voice" that is your soul?

Forrest Gump - (1994) Tom Hanks. The Taoist epitome of innocence and 'going with the flow'. "Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get."

Hotel Rwanda - (2004) Don Cheadle. What do you do when a genocide is happening around you? A toned-down, yet very visceral, true story based on the life of a hotel manager and the events that happened in Rwanda, Africa.

Heart and Souls - (1990's) Robert Downey Jr. A wonderfully humorous take on spirit guides and personal completion.

I Love Huckabees - (2004) Jude Law, Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin. Another movie that has an interesting take on reality and being ourselves. I usually get at least one line in a movie that has something to say to me. The one line that stood out was "Where am I not being myself?" - especially when the end credits repeat it.

Instinct (1999) - Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr. Based on the book "Ishmael". A psychiatrist learns about being real, releasing the need to be approved, family, and love from a 'murderer' in a criminal psychiatric ward who spent 2 years living with gorillas in Africa. Beautiful, touching, and helpful to shift your perspective on life.

It's a Wonderful Life - (1940's) Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reid. A classic tale of support, the impact of prayer, and the impact each person has on everyone else's life.

Jesus of Nazareth (TV mini-series) - (1977) Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey, Sir Lawrence Olivier and more. Somewhat melodramatic for the 2000's, but worth a watch. One of the most touching scenes is where Jeshua (Jesus) is relating the story about the Prodigal Son to bring two conflicted men together. Very much the style of Jeshua to use stories to immediately resolve conflict with people.

Meetings with Remarkable Men - (1970's) The story of the mystic Gurdjieff and his search for enlightenment. Fantastic sacred dancing presented as a means to enlightenment, that was originally taught in mystery schools, and that is also being taught today publicly as Gurdjieff Sacred Dancing.

Nostradamus - (1994) Tcheky Karyo, F. Murray Abraham, Rutger Hauer, Maya Morgenstern. A movie version of the story of French doctor/mystic Michel de Nostradame. Although the director takes some poetic license with Nostradamus' history and character, the portrayal of Nostradamus, his circumstances, and the risks involved with being a doctor/mystic in the plague-infested, Inquisition-saturated 1500's is worth seeing.

Pleasantville - (1990's) Toby McGuire, Reese Witherspoon, William Macy. Humorous and dramatic. Two teenage siblings get transported back into the 1950's TV reality of Pleasantville (like a Twilight Zone episode), and in their attempt to fit in and get back to present day reality, the maturation process affects everyone. An interesting twist on racial discriminiation - adding authenticity and color to people's lives.

Run, Lola, Run - (1990's) German. Watch 3 different outcomes for the same situation based on character's different responses and timing. A great example of how we create our own lives and probable realities with conflict or with more clarity.

Star Wars Trilogy - (1977-1983) Mark Hamill, Cary Fischer, Harrison Ford, Sir Alec Guiness. Coming of age story set in space with Druidic, Taoist, Zen and Samurai spiritual concepts.

The Abyss - (1980's) Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Humorous and dramatic action flick pitting underwater oil workers (who receive unsuspected help) against military paranoia. If you get to see the cut scenes, you realize that the theatrical release was edited to be less spiritually-oriented than was originally shot.

The Great Santini - (1970's) Robert Duvall. For those of you who want to see what American military family life is like, this is still a very insightful movie to see. It addresses many of the issues that military kids experience, where they need recovery, and where they have strengths.

The Last Samurai - (2003) Tom Cruise. A glimpse inside the world of the Japanese samurai and the transition into the modern, mechanized world.

The Legend of Bagger Vance - (2000) Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron. Produced by Robert Redford. A modern and playful re-telling of the Bhagavad Gita, with Krishna and Arjuna as Bagger Vance and R. Junah, using golf in the 1930's as a spiritual metaphor. The concept of finding your "one, true authentic swing" was one of the inspirations in calling my work authentic response.

The Mahabarata - (1990) Peter Brook's amazing British production of this Indian spiritual classic about the war between the Pandavas and the Karauvas using a truly international cast. The Bhagavad Gita - the talk when Krishna is trying to get Arjuna to commit to a path, any spiritual path - is only a portion of the epic tale of the Mahabarata.

The Razor's Edge - (1981) Bill Murray. A re-make of the 1940's flick with Tyrone Power based on a novel by Sommerset Maugham. One man's search for the meaning of life after the horrors of World War I takes him all over the world. What does it mean to be on a spiritual path and be in the world?

The Shawshank Redemption - (1994) Timothy Robbins, Morgan Freeman. This is still one of the tightest scripts I've ever seen, and consistenly listed as one of the top movies ever made. The movie is based on a Stephen King novella called "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" and primarily takes place in a maximum security prison. A banker goes to prison for the murder of his wife and her lover and transforms those around him in suprising ways. The character arcs are strong and the subtext is underplayed. Even if you're a 'Man's man' and think emotions are for when you're dead, it would be difficult to not to feel stirred by the hope, friendship and triumph of spirit from this movie.

To End All Wars - (2001) Kiefer Sutherland and more. This film makes me cry just thinking about it. Originally released around 9/11 so it went relatively unnoticed. True story about the sacrifices and spirituality of the British POW's who built the Thai-Burma railroad during WW II and were forced to accept the Bushido code from the Japanese guards. Do we have the strength to not become what we hate? What does it mean to love your 'enemy' or to lay down your life so that others can live? Rent the DVD and look at the extras - including listening to the director commentary to find out exactly what happened. It's true that humans can be at their best when circumstances are at their worst.

What Dreams May Come - (1999) Robin Williams. A fairly accurate look at how we create our reality after death, how friends and guides help us, and how we make agreements prior to incarnating.

What the Bleep Do We Know - (2004) Marlee Maitlin. Scientific and esoteric information about our reality that has been known for awhile but now placed in a part-documentary, part movie format.




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