Maggie Connor, Olympic Champion, President of Ultimate Journey Productions - Boulder, CO
I have been fortunate to work with and alongside many highly trained practitioners over the years. Chris has an integrity and presence which cannot be taught. I highly recommend him to anyone committed to taking the next step in their journey.

Gary Bonnell, International Speaker/Writer/Trainer, Akashic Record reader, Founder Societas res Divinas - Naples, FL
Chris Sadhuta Liaguno is well known for his intuitive insights and the ability to put advice into workable solutions for change. His mystical path has taken him to many parts of the globe, where he has shared many enlightening experiences with fellow seekers and teachers from all walks of life. I recommend Chris as an exceptional teacher and you should not underestimate his future worth to you or your company. He is the type of person that has strong values and will give all he has to his clients. Based on over seventeen years of friendship, I expect Chris to always be direct and honest.

Carol Carter, President of Lifebound Coaching - Denver, CO
Chris Liaguno is a very popular trainer, facilitator and coach. Professional and inspiring, he is able to reach all kinds of students with his wit and knowledge. We are delighted to work closely with Chris.

Rebecca H, Pharmacist - Denver, CO
Intuitive coaching comes natural to Chris. In my experience, he has a wisdom that lends insight to areas that the average coach doesn't perceive. Balancing humor along with his flair for animation allows an easy transition from clouds to clarity. There is a softness as well as strength in his demeanor that allows the client to be comfortable immediately. He can handle the most difficult situation with a well grounded foundation while at the same time encourages one to be gentle to themselves. This creates a very safe and warm environment for personal growth that even the most leery client can gain from. He uses all the tools necessary, such as body-centered psychotherapy, astrology, and his gift of intuition for this transition. He speaks to the real person and sees past the mask. This helps the client to understand their core beliefs, heal trauma and attain their true understanding of themselves in an inspirational, loving and aware process.

Michael P - Financial Investor - Panama
My work with Chris was very helpful! I've been stuck lately, as if nothing in my life works the way it used to, and Chris was able to pinpoint what was happening, help me resolve my struggle in life, and point me in the right direction. I feel more powerful to simply be myself in whatever shape that takes, and more relaxed about my future.

Barbara Kass, Trainer/Writer - Baltimore, MD
In the time we've been working together, monstrous and wonderful things have happened and you have helped me deal with both. You have helped me realize the miracle of manifesting - suddenly I have a huge, spacious home that offers all that I asked for and more. I'm still in shock over that one, but have since applied the same knowing to other areas of my life with great results.

It is so much easier now for me to make things happen and to get what I want. You don't just talk in circles about esoteric philosophies and vague references to "being present" or "aware" - instead, you speak and teach in concrete applications. You tell me in terms of what and how - so I can discover real, true life, practical solutions for developing my awareness, resolving my issues, and applying successful techniques.

Setting aside sacred time with you has made me see how I can set aside more time for myself. I have created space in my life to do the kind of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual work necessary to grow. You have been very careful and respectful with what I have shared, helping me grow in a pace I find comfortable. You have helped me see how I have taken responsibility for other people's choices, and then helped me release my Catholic-induced guilt about not rescuing others from themselves. The energy I have set in motion by being my true self carries me along almost effortlessly. If this is living authentically, then I am closer now than I have ever been.

It takes a rare kind of courage to be a person that others can depend on to help them see themselves on their spiritual or personal journeys. And to have taken the road you have chosen in a society that does not fully appreciate the value of responding honestly. This is the best investment in terms of time, money, attention, and energy that I could ever possibly make. What else do you have to spend your money on that would return so much?

Suzanne M, Graphic Design - Brighton, CO
The Business Coaching program has been invaluable to me! Breaking through my fears around not making enough money, making wrong decisions, and hurting others, I've learned to ask for what I want, which gave me the ability to lead the company and not just micro-manage. Now I'm in a period of abundance like I've never known before - I've even hired new sales staff. I'm so grateful! And I even have more time to spend with my family! Thank you so much. I highly recommend your program. I made so many changes and accomplishments and it was all possible because of your help.

Hakuin R, Teacher, Yogi - Virginia/California
You have made a profound impact on my life. Your Akashic Records reading was so accurate about my relationships with my husband, my mother, and about my life path. I remember you told me about the residual conflict with my mother based on a past life where I had chosen a different career than what she wanted, and because of that I was cut off financially. And in this life we were playing that out again. Because of that, I've been able to heal my relationship with her - to the point where I've received an inheritance from her that I didn't expect, and I even held her in my arms while she was dying. What a transformational journey this is. Thank you so much.

Eva D - Hospice Worker - North Carolina
It was truly a delight to talk with you today. What comes to mind when I think of you is Rumi's phrase "a true human being". It's so energizing to talk to someone who actually understands and cares about the things that matter to me. Thank you for our work in the Akasha and the light that the Natal Astrology chart shed on my new career path!

Ms Y.K. - Japan
I really appreciate you, Chris. I have taken many workshops, especially this year, but I wasn’t satisfied no matter what I learned. I was wondering "why I can’t trust myself" for a few months. When I received your Akashic reading to find the past life which had the most influence to the present lifetime, I really understood and felt my heart gradually open. When Body Psychotherapy was done, I felt that my heart was filled with deep sorrow. I cried loud and screamed. After the emotional burst, I felt very calm and clear and refreshed. My heart was totally open and my mind was empty. My heart and mind have been constantly in a conflict and I realized it was blocking my trust in myself. I couldn’t find any value in me for a long time, but now I feel everything is so simple, which still amazes me. Your advice helped me to have a clear goal in life and to start trusting myself. I am very happy that I am accepting not only myself, but also others and current circumstances. My gratitude for others and life has been growing day by day. I don’t want to waste my time any more and wish to live my life fully. Something is obviously different now. I want to live with a clear intention to find true abundance. I am truly grateful to you. Thank you very much. I really feel that I am understanding life with my heart.

Jeffrey K, Human Resources - Lafayette, CO
My time with you has been an absolute blessing. Your spiritual wisdom and guidance have had a tremendous impact on my life's journey. You are a deeply caring and wise man. I look forward to continuing my work with you in the days ahead.

Mr. H.A. - Japan
Everything around me has changed. I have no fear and feel I’m in the center of myself. But I feel a little anxious about the greatness of love. I simply want to become a being of love and connect with people, with heart to heart. But I know I still have attachment. Can I become someone like you who is a being of love? I’ve never been aware about myself so clearly before. My gratitude has been growing everyday. I’d like to make the best use of this session and return the favor to myself and Chris. I’m really thankful to you for giving me such an opportunity and to life for bringing me to meet you.

Jade S, Business Consultant – Broomfield, CO
I have been working with Chris Liaguno on a number of challenges in my life. With Chris' guidance and support I have achieved peace in many areas in very little time. I have opened myself up to receiving compliments and love without pain. I am embracing the feminine side of myself. I am celebrating the gifts that I have been blessed with. The biggest change has come in how I am. I have stopped being hyper, intense and immediate all the time. People I have known for years are not recognizing me at first. My energy is more peaceful, positive and I move at a much slower pace. I have lost 50 pounds in 5 months without extreme dieting. I am a more whole person who comes from a place of peace much of the time. My self esteem is much higher and I like who I am and where I am going in this life. It's a good life!

Ms Y.O. - Japan
I’m very happy to have been able to see (feel) the visions of my past lives, listening to your voice in the private session. I really understood that the soul was eternal without doubts. Especially the life of a minstrel in the Middle Age of Europe gave me a lot of joy. I also clearly understood about the sadness and anger of a certain past life in question. It was felt as if each piece of puzzle was fallen into the right place. To find the path to take is equal to knowing the value of life. Thank you very much, Chris.

Pat B, Marketing and Sales, Business Coach - Littleton, CO
I am a thirty-eight year-old woman who is a sexual abuse survivor. I have gone to various psychotherapists on and off over the years. Although I did talk through some of my issues, it felt like much of my emotional pain was deeply rooted beyond what I could verbally express. I continued to disassociate and detach from my body every time I was triggered until I began my sessions with Chris Liaguno.

Chris is a compassionate and insightful healer who has given me tools to learn to express and support myself using various grounding techniques. He has a manner in which he promotes trust and understanding. I was able to release an inordinate amount of energy/emotions that I had stored in my body for years. He has a very gentle and hypnotic way of putting me at ease, but keeping me present at the same time. I have noticed a profound change in my sense of well being. I'm not as hyper vigilant or frightened as I used to be and for the first time in my life I’m in a relationship I really love. Chris has brought a quality to my life, I never imagined possible. I am very grateful to him.

Ms K.M. - Japan
I’ve been always wondering why I suffered from migraine, why it was hard to get up in the morning, and why I always lost interest of work and hobby easily. I often felt my heart was frozen and no energy was running. But I learned that anger and anxiety caused by others and circumstances had built up inside me. When I was asked about my childhood, I realized I had intense anger against my parents. I thought my problem came from past lives, but I was told I would need Body Psychotherapy instead of the past life reading. Thanks to this work, I could learn how to create boundaries and I’m grateful to you.

Bill F, Artist/Musician - Prescott, AZ
Thank you so much! It has been an amazing journey working with you Chris. Through Akashic Record readings and Coaching, I ended up doing exactly what I love - painting and music - and being in a relationship with a wonderful lady.

Mark P, Retail Sales - Boulder, CO
I think if takes big time intelligence to understand that the root of our problems in the world, begins in each and every individual, and to change the world we have to change and transform ourselves. Chris Sadhuta knows that, lives that, and has the courage to follow that. No easy task. He gives his life energy toward consciousness and transformation of himself and others.

Clive T, Artist - Nederland, CO
I think of you often and how you helped me so much. We wanted steady work, a home and a good relationship. It was amazing because after working with you, we made lots of money, had a good business going, bought a house and are loving life with each other!

Steve W, Real Estate – Niwot, CO
I've been smoking for 36 years and I tried to stop once before. I worked with Chris for only 2 months and he's changed my life. He supported me through some intense changes, and he was able to get to the core of the perfectionism that has been running the show since I was 8. For years I thought that this was a side issue to my life. After doing therapy with Chris I realized this was my life. Because of our sessions I'm not only not smoking, but I have a better relationship with my daughter, I'm more satisfied and relaxed at work, and I now ask for help and support instead of trying to do everything myself! I recommend Chris to anyone who wants support in finding more awareness, relaxation and celebration in life.

Kendal M, Dance Therapist and Trainer - North Carolina
Whenever anyone asks me about you for the first time, the first thing I tell them is that I laugh a lot when I’m with you. It doesn’t even matter what mood I’m in. You so often see the humor in things – and because you do, you teach me how to do this too. My world feels lighter because of it.

I am so grateful for the way you communicate – clear, truthful, clean, forthright, and guided by a strong intention of understanding. I feel invited and encouraged to speak my truth anytime. I feel an invitation to open more to my joy and to connection with others. You constantly remind me of the larger perspective – which immediately helps me soften, open, and act from love instead of from fear. It also helps me remember how fleeting my feelings can be. This ultimately helps me remember that I don’t have to suffer so much – if I just open to a larger vision of life and relationships. You helped me heal the parts of me that got squelched when I was in college. I didn’t know I had a girl in me who was so hurt and afraid. Thank you.

I see you as someone who has both achieved balance and who consciously strives to create it. Whether that’s between the heart and the head, the masculine and the feminine, work and play, or seriousness and humor, you do it so well. This "balance" to me is a way to manifest more peace/love on the planet. I see the depth of your commitment to doing this because you so consciously work to "merge the dualities". I’m so grateful that you’re here on this planet.

Rene B, Project Manager/Trainer - Boulder, CO
I want to take this moment to thank you for the work you did with me and the wonderful insight you were able to provide. In the short time we worked together you were able to get to the heart of some of the mental challenges I'm coping with. I'm amazed to think, before working with you I wasn't even aware of some of the things holding me back from my dreams. The coaching you provided is allowing me to clearly identify and work through my personal barriers to achieve my true desires. Your professional help has placed me on a life path that is true to my values and I'm sure will provide a fulfilling career. I'll be recommending your services to all who are looking to find a more fulfilling and life enhancing career. Thank You!

April H, Mother and Wife - Atlanta, GA
I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful transformation in my life. Having you working with us as couple and individually has done great things. As far as I go, I still have help during the day with the baby, but I don't see that as a terrible thing because now I am actually doing things besides just moping around. The most wonderful thing is that I now feel aware and alive again. Or actually, I can say, I FEEL. Before I was just going from day to day. Now I can enjoy the baby, the birds, the trees growing, the breeze on a hot day, and just life in general.

Tom S, Toastmasters International - Boulder, CO
I'm not sure if you remember me, but in my next speech I plan to refer to some other speeches I've heard at TM. In particular, I want to mention your astonishing CTM #10 speech, where you sang almost the entire speech under the guise of proposing a musical version of "Lord of the Rings" to it's cast and crew. I'm amazed that you created lyrics that explained the movie while singing it to existing songs from musicals. I saw Billy Crystal do something like that at the Academy Awards! That outstanding speech remains one of the most impressive ones I've heard at TM.

Gia B, Real Estate - Bordeaux, France
Written to a friend: "I would highly recommend her to see a colleague of mine from hypnotherapy school who is located in Lafayette - Chris Liaguno. I think that he not only focuses on hypnotherapy, but also on accessing the Akashic Records. He gave me an Akashic reading before and it was life changing. I could not recommend a better person. He will probably be famous some day, he is that amazing."

I really do feel like you changed my life Chris because I really needed someone to tell me what the reality of the situation was. I can not thank you enough for your help! Thank you to infinity! Through your sessions I feel I have better been able to live in reality, and to see how the past has shaped my behavior now. You have helped me to be in the truth more and to have my feet on the ground more. As a result I am beginning to know myself better because I am retrieving a part of myself that was lost. You allowed me to see that it was survival for me to cut off a part of myself then, but that now I do not know who I am without that part. You allowed me to recognize, that for my survival, I had made a decision not to be in reality and that I constantly replay this belief in my life today, causing myself to "live in the clouds." This is my mission live in reality.