Please contact Chris for more information about his trainings and see the Event Schedule for more details.

Accessing the Akashic Records - Learn how to access the Akashic Records to read your own Book of Life. Learn how to read the records for friends and clients. Discover life purpose, past lives, future probabilities, resources, strengths, karmic issues, relationships. See the Event Schedule for more details.

Authentic Response Life Mastery - The master Pir Vilayat once told me that people spend their lives "trying to prove to themselves that they're okay - through their husband, wives, jobs, money, car, house, accomplishments - everything outside of themselves. If you can realize that you're okay just as you are, then everything you do is spiritual". Discover how to become internally-validating, balanced, and capable of manifesting the work and relationships that you want. See the Event Schedule for more details.

Future Trainings: More trainings will become available. Check back for future postings.