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NAIROBI - A less than a year-old hippo that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has adopted a giant male century-old tortoise as its mother, in an animal facility in the port city of Mombasa. "They swim, eat and sleep together," says ecologist Paula Kahumbu, who is in charge of Lafarge Park.

Remember that we can find love and support everywhere, in all kinds of forms!

Authentic Response™ offers personal empowerment, transformation, and healthy relationships through integrating practical spirituality, body-mind awareness and healing techniques. Manifest a more effortless, authentic life by releasing conflict and unifying body, mind and spirit. Serving the Denver/Boulder Colorado area and the international community.

Our authentic response is the most important thing that we own. When we live on the surface of life - habitually reacting, resisting, struggling, or repeating our lives - we miss the juice of life's celebration. Our own lack of understanding how to honor our needs creates stress, disease, aging and death. Our most authentic response typically lies buried like a vast treasure waiting to be discovered at the bottom of a sea of reactions. Authentic Response offers services, information and trainings that are devoted to helping you dive deeper into yourself to find your authenticity and fulfillment in every moment.

What is an authentic response? A reaction is an unconscious, past-oriented, controlled by fear or guilt, and partial or frozen expression. An authentic response is a conscious, present-oriented, whole-bodied, fully-completed expression involving every aspect of your being. Why is it so important? Your response creates an outcome, which then creates your circumstances. If you want to change your circumstances, first change your response.

It can be easy to judge or blame our lives on everything outside of ourselves, especially if no one has shown us that we have a choice. Authentic Response shows you how to become more internally-validating, responding from the 'inside-out' instead of reacting from the 'outside-in', so you can manifest the life you want. Everyone has a life path - the most direct route to fulfillment and self-realization. This path is honored, amplified, clarified and celebrated by living your most authentic response.

Authentic Response™
"Creating Effortless, Authentic Life
with Conscious Response Ability "

Authentic Response Coaching

The Authentic Response™ Integrative Transformation Coaching program can help you create an effortless, authentic life, sort out your priorities, and manifest your vision.

When we get stuck in a habitual reaction instead of a fresh response, life can feel lifeless, limited and full of struggle. By accessing body-mind awareness and spiritual resources, we self-validate by honoring our needs. We tap into wisdom that gives us the "aha" awakening experience that makes our problems dissolve and our lives become more effortless.

Holistic Services

Understand your life purpose, resources, and conflicts with an Akashic Record or Natal Astrology session. Release internal conflict, habits, addictions, trauma, abuse and relationship issues with Body-Centered Psychotherapy. Ready for the fast track? Manifest the life you want or heal quickly with an integrative Source Manifesting & Healing session.

As a public speaker, Chris is motivating, humorous, enlightening, and engaging. Authentic Response™ offers a variety of Trainings for your personal and corporate needs. See our Event Schedule for upcoming programs.

Discover the core concepts of Authentic Response™. Why is having an Authentic Response essential to a balanced life? What is the Sensitivity Cycle? Discover more about Chris Sadhuta, helpful books & resources, and understand more about meditation and awareness.

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chris sadhuta liaguno boulder business coach
Chris Sadhuta Liaguno
Authentic Response Coach

The Akashic Record

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