Herbs and Yoga

Therapeutic fasting
You can starve only after cleansing the intestines, liver and ascending colon, when the entire intestinal tract is freed from feces and its functions are restored. Otherwise, poisoning of the…

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Acupressure Helps Cope With Morning Nausea
According to American doctors, between 50 and 90% of pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting in the morning, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. There are currently a…

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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes
The use of stem cells in the treatment of type 1 diabetes helps fight the underlying cause of the disease, rather than its symptoms. It effectively resists both hyperglycemia and…

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Feng Shui, as a means of salvation from infertility

For 10 years, a British couple tried in vain to give birth to a child. They went to doctors, went to healers, all to no avail. Finally, Fiona and Darren Burke invited home a specialist in Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese teaching of the correct distribution of space.

According to this teaching, all furnishings, as well as the buildings themselves, must be located in a clear order, in the right ratio with the earthly and heavenly elements, otherwise there will be no happiness in personal and public life, no matter how you say it. The expert came, turned his nose and stated that he knew how to properly distribute the energy flows in this room, after which he moved the couple’s bed so that the legs of the spouses lying on it did not “look” at the door. In addition, he ordered a bouquet of dried flowers to be removed and arranged something like a family “altar” in one of the corners of the living room, posting photos there capturing the happiest moments in the life of this couple. Continue reading

Herbs and Yoga vs Chemistry and Surgeons

The delegates of the firstworld conference on alternative medicine leave the Indian city of Cochin with promises to make every effort to promote Ayurvedic methods of treating diseases. Over four thousand delegates from different countries for four days discussed what place the five-thousand-year-old tradition based on the use of natural means of alternative medicine occupies in the modern world.

Famous doctors and scientists talked about the benefits of treatment without the use of chemistry and surgery.

Ayurveda uses herbs and roots such as basil, turmeric, garlic, ginger and aloe to treat physical and mental ailments. An integral part of this method is yoga. Continue reading

Be treated with proven agents!

In the heyday of colds and an increasing interest in homeopathic medicines, the message of Dr. B. Barrett et al., Published in a recent issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine last year, about the possible uselessness of using such a common “natural” medicine as tincture of echinance.

This tool is considered an immunostimulant and an effective cold medicine. A study by Dr. Barrett proves the opposite.

At the University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA), the effect of capsules containing echinance with the placebo effect was compared using collegiate colds as volunteers. Continue reading

Chinese weed can kill

Traditional Chinese medicine should be equated with medicine and subjected to the same rigorous screening, British scientists believe. They described two cases where the seemingly harmless “weed” led to serious liver damage. As a result, even a transplant of a donor organ did not help one of the patients, and he died.

The attention of colleagues to the problem of uncontrolled use of Chinese herbs was drawn by specialists from the Newcastle upon Tyne Liver Research Center in an article published in the latest issue of the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. According to one of the authors of the article, Dr. Margaret F. Bassendine, the problem is becoming more acute. Continue reading

Deadly power of healing herbs

Having gone through many medical offices, having sold a dozen hospital beds, swallowed more than one hundred tablets and not having received the desired recovery, many turn to nature for help. They subtract in the book or get from friends-friends the recipe for the “surest remedy” for their illness and go to the forest for herbs.

Usually, townspeople suffering from ailments and a passion for herbal medicine do not leave further than 10 kilometers from the house. And they are not aware that the place of collection of medicinal plants should be removed at least 50 km from large cities, 30 km from industrial enterprises and 5 km from highways. Continue reading

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